Victoria Petrova

Виктория Петрова




1995 Художествена Гимназия по изящни изкуства, София

1996-2002 Национална Художествена Академия, София, специалност живопис

1998 Летен курс по рисуване : “Making your Mark” , Aero , Дания

Избрани изложби:

2019 – „Чудесата на Индонезия“ – изложба „Синтезис“ в галерия „Квадрат 500“ представяща съвременно индонезийско и българско изкуство

2018 – Участие в проекта „ Art for Diplomacy”

2016 Самостоятелна изложба „Симбиоза“, Галерия 2.0, София

2001 Галерия Галев, изложба „Пленер Лесидрен“

1999 Първа награда в конкурс „Целувката“

1999 Самостоятелна изложба в Асоцияцията на завършилите Токайския университет, София

1998 Самостоятелна изложба Мюнстер, Германия

Работя в областта на графичния дизайн и оформление


Венцислав Петров

Ventzislav Petrov

Photographer, Lecturer, Researcher

He has created remarkable projects and works for leading Bulgarian and
international companies. His photographs find a place in prominent galleries, including those of diplomats and art collectors in Bulgaria, the EU, the USA, and other countries. He is an exceptional photographer capturing what cannot be seen, transforming images into a beautiful visual story.


Teodor Petrov

Director of Photography, Color grader

Ambitious young professional, currently a student at the School of Business, FHNW in Basel, Switzerland with considerable experience in Film & Video production, Photography & Post-production as well as System and Web Administration & Deployment of IT solutions.

Теодор Петров

Victoria Petrova

Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Designer, Photo Retoucher

Painter and designer with an exceptional style and with a sharp eye for color, composition, beauty, aesthetics, purity. She creates stunning works of art that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally evocative. She brings a sense of depth, movement, and life to her work, making every detail truly one-of-a-kind.